Green Steam + NeumoT



Our revolutionary steam engine for conversion of thermal to electric energy. Our custom-made solution for environmentally friendly energy supply In 2008 our technicians started developing a steam generating plant (which is heated with a grate burner) and a relaxing steam engine which provides green power to the net over a generator. In our innovative development we use RRM (renewable raw materials) for the steam generation with the use of optimized combustion technology. Our CHP-plant can be used in a modular construction system from 150 kW up to 1,5 MW thermal power and delivers from 30 up to 300 kW electrical power. Description of the technology: Our equipment consists of an external combustion unit from which the heat is used to produce steam. This specially developed and worldwide protected natural circulating water pipe boiler has a maximum water volume of 9,9l at 32 bar and fulfils the criteria for boiler group 1 (low risk potential). An optimum steam quality is passed on to the subsequently installed steam motors through multi level heating via a steam jet condenser at 450°C. This steam motor works on the novel displacement principle that functions solely with rotating masses. The motor is completely encapsulated and transfers its driving torque via a permanent magnetic clutch. The steam motor drives an asynchronous generator which is fed from an existing network. Our 150kW biomass cogeneration plant produces 30kW electrical power and approx. 110kW thermal energy (approx. 10kW irradiation and waste air loss), which (at approx 80°C) can be used to feed in district heating grids, drying plants or other heat users up to operators of cooling facilities.